Grooming and Spa services for your dogs and cats

We offer grooming and spa services to all sizes of dogs, all breeds, and cats and rabbits too! We only use all natural products such as

  • A range of all natural aloe vera based shampoos and conditioners
  • Aromatherapy shampoos
  • Mineral Salts
  • All natural pet pawfumes

Dog Grooming

A Full groom includes: health check, bath with appropriate shampoo, conditioner if needed, blow dry, a haircut to either breed standard or to your choice, paw and pad trim, nail clip, ear clean, and finished with pawfume.

Small dogs from £30 (except short haired chihuahuas at £25)
Medium dogs from £35
Large dogs from £40

These are starting prices. Please enquire as to the price for your dog. Prices depend on the individual dog, size, condition of coat, and amount of work reqiured.

Bath, dry and Brush only - from £15.

Nail clip - £5-10
Ear Clean - £5

Additional charges may be added for matted coats,  behaviour of pet and if fleas are found. Please see our full terms and conditions for details.

CAT GROOMING (dependent on cat cooperation!)

Brush out & nails - from £20
Bath, dry & nails - from £25
Bath, dry & nails with clip off- from £35

Spa Treatments

  • Blueberry & Oatmeal Facial -£3
  • Deep Sea Mineral Mud bath - £10
  • Pawdicure - £10
  • Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy Bath (with aromatherapy shampoo/mineral bath salts) - added onto the price of a groom for small/medium dogs only -from £10

  • Conditioning Treatments (Honey & Oat, or Tea tree & Aloe Vera medicated)- £3
  • Flea defence Shampoo treatment £3
  • Teeth freshen up -£5
  • Reiki (Coming Soon)

Price Guide:

  • Nail Trim or ear clean - from £5

  • Bath and Brush – From £15

  • Full Grooms – From £30